robot + dinosaur

ask any 10-year old boy to name the 2 coolest things on the planet. what do you think the response will be?

monster trucks + werewolves? nope.
firemen + blood? no dice.
dirt + vikings? no way.

the answer you will receive 100% of the time is "robots + dinosaurs."

now, imagine taking the two, engineering them into a single toy that converts from one to the other and you'll begin to see why a generation of kids (myself gleefully included) was hypnotized by the transformers craze of the 80's.

the lindsay lohan of 1939

from wikipedia:

"to keep up with the frantic pace of making one film after another, judy garland and other young performers were constantly given amphetamines, as well as barbiturates, to take before bedtime."

i did this print for a buddy of mine, mr. pat mcmullen (you can check out his work at the link to the right.) now's he nagging me for a pinup of liza minnelli. he's a huge fan, if ya catch my drift.

george lucas' masterpiece...

remember george lucas' masterpiece...the one where the young farmer lad gets called away from home by his destiny as he's aided by the help of a master swordsman? it was called "willow." on a sidenote, lucas churned out a little-known pile of crap called "star wars" 11 years before he hit his prime.

just some old-timey monster movie...

before there were really cool monster movies like "leprechaun," "critters" and "mansquito," folks in the olden times had to settle for crappy movie monsters like this. and get this; they weren't even in color.

here we go...

welcome to strongstufftom, the o-fficial blog of'm gonna try to publish current works much more frequently than i update my website...without further ado, here's a picture of robot gun man (a.k.a. g1 megatron) that i did a few years ago.