count dooku

one of the cooler (if underutilized) villains in the star wars universe.

work stuff

just posted a few new editorial illustrations in the gallery. they were all done for merion publications (where i work). we're a publishing house that produces magazines for just about every branch of the medical industry.

it's always a challenge explaining to friends and family that i work for a medical publisher, yet don't have to draw tracheal stenosis in all its glory, render a case of allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, or illustrate the nasty effects of epistaxis.

(yeah, they're all real conditions. you can look 'em up. i just did)


after much fiddling, nitpicking, primping and preening, i've finally
finished the predator minibust.


this was originally going to be a lengthy gripe about how much i hated issue one of jeph loeb and joe madueriera's "ultimates 3." after writing the first draft, it seemed way too geeky, pointless and long. so here it is in a nutshell:

2 years in the making, this version of the ultimates, with jeph loeb's incestual overtones, disinterested captain america and punisher-esque hawkeye coupled with joe mad's dynamic, yet frustratingly over-colored and under-sharpened art doesn't even begin to stack up with the remarkable run that mark millar and bryan hitch produced over the series' first 25 issues.

there. i know it still sounds terribly nerdy, but that's a succinctly as i can put it. anyway, here's a minibust of the classic quicksilver that i finished just as '07 came to a close. no, not the sister-loving quicksilver that jeph loeb has just...awww damn, there i go again. i'd better quit before i get rolling again.