"back to space-con" dvd cover

i was recently hired by november fire to create this piece of art, which will serve as a dvd cover art and poster for a new documentary entitled "back to space-con: the story of the 1970's sci-fi conventions".

i had the chance to preview the film while creating the artwork and it's a fascinating look at the early days of sci-fi conventions. there was a definite homespun charm to geek culture in the 70's that has all but been forgotten by today's mega cons. also of note is how "do-it-yourself" fandom began to wither with the rise to power of the george lucas/star wars merchandising machine. pretty interesting stuff.

the feature length documentary will be premiering on march 12, 2011 in alameda, CA. you can find event info and purchase tickets here.

scientific american: language shapes thought

here's a full page illo that appears in the current issue (february 2011) of scientific american.

the story details how people in different areas of the world have different spatial relationships with their environments because of the ways that their languages shape their thought processes. pretty wild stuff.

it was a last-minute assignment (so i had to turn it around pretty quickly), but i'm really happy with the result. and as always, i get a charge out of wandering into a bookstore and finding something i helped to create on the magazine rack.

© 2011 Scientific American

"1981" donkey kong poster

here's my donky kong tribute piece for gallery 1988's "multiplayer" group show, which happens to be the first show at their new venice beach location!

when asked, to choose a video game to illustrate, donkey kong was an immediate finalist. even though i always found the game waaaay too challenging, i couldn't pass up the chance to draw a giant ape. and that was before i saw "the king of kong: a fistful of quarters".

the limited edition prints are now available. click here to purchase.

poster info
size: 11"x17"
medium: giclee on archival paper
edition: limited, 30

gallery info
gallery 1988
214 pier avenue
santa monica, CA 90405
ph: 424.238.5988
hrs: weds-sun 11am-6pm

obi-wan kenobi commission

this was my final commission of 2010, the pimp daddy of OT coolness, obi-wan kenobi!

i love this character in every period of the star wars saga, so i was psyched to have been commissioned to illustrate him.

the client asked for a straight up body shot and i chose to depict "old ben kenobi" just before the fateful duel with his former apprentice. much like the old jedi himself, i wanted to keep the pose calm, confident and understated rather than go extreme with the action.

"you can't win, darth. if you strike me down, i shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine."

nicktoons: fanboy + chum chum

here's the next page from my nicktoons calendar: "fanboy and chum chum"!

every time i catch this show, i love it. the writers are definitely from my generation, liberally sprinkling 80's and comic book references throughout the scripts. to top it off, the animation style is fantastic.

© 2011 Nicktoons

mork poster

here's my entry for gallery 1988's massive stand-up-comedian-themed"is this thing on?" show, which opens tonight!

this is one yet another of the gallery's infamous group shows and promises to showcase over 100 artists uniquely interpreting their favorite stand up legends such as andy kaufman, richard pryor, redd foxx, and steve martin.

when the show invite went out way back in june, i had a hard time picking which comedian i'd like to illustrate. eventually i chose robin williams because of his huge body of work that i would have to draw from. after an abandoned (yet exploratory) first draft, this mork-based propaganda design just seemed to make the most sense for a poster.

make sure to check out the gallery 1988 website to see (and/or buy) all of the art once the show has opened.


show opening
friday, january 7th
7-10 pm

poster info
size: 11"x17"
medium: 4-color screenprint, off white stock
edition: limited, 50

gallery 1988
7020 melrose avenue
los angeles, CA 90038
ph: 323.937.7088
hrs: tues-sun 11am-6pm
e-mail: gallery1988@aol.com

fifth element poster

kicking off my 2011 series of first friday fright night posters for the colonial theatre, here's "the fifth element"!

i know it's not every one's cup of tea, but i think the blend of action, sci-fi and humor work perfectly in this kick-ass flick. i remember being blown away when i saw it waaaay back in may of 1997 and i can't wait to check it out on the big screen again.

"leeloo dallas multi-pass!"