alien square

i'll always remember the christmas that i begged and begged for the kenner
alien toy. i opened all of my presents that morning but the alien was nowhere
to be found. i can still remember my dad pointing under the end table.
there it was in all its creepy glory, complete with snapping jaws!

sad ending: i don't think i owned it for a full week. it scared the livin'
daylights out of me and my parents gave it away.

anyway, i've since grown to love that monster and i thought he'd translate
well to my more "designy" style.

friday the 13th part 3 square

it's mid-october, the leaves are changing, i just saw danzig in concert two
nights ago...yeah, it's safe to say that i'm in full halloween spirits right now.

i love 80's era slasher movies...and what better way to celebrate their
glorious cheesiness and creepiness than by illustrating one of the greatest
of that period's horror icons: jason voorhees!

this is a bit of a new style/format for me...i hope to work on a few more
"just-for-fun" designs like this in between my other projects.

hokiebird commission

this is a commission for a virginia tech alum who saw my feature on
slashfilm and wanted me to re-interpret his school's mascot,
the hokiebird...he also wanted the university administration building
prominently featured and some kind of subltle tribute to the 32 people
that died in the campus shootings last year (count the stars)...
anyway, he seemed pretty happy with the end result.