gamera 3 commission

just wrapped up this commission of the main man from
"gamera 3: revenge or iris," one of the best giant monster/
man-in-suit movies ever made. sure, the acting is terrible,
but the monster designs and special effects raise the bar
to a new level.

toho better get their rear in gear, dust off godzilla and get
him back on the silver screen soon.

the joker

this is my entry for the autumn society of philadelphia's
joker-themed art show! there are a gaggle of artists contributing
to this one, all with very different's gonna be a scream!

here's all of the pertinent info:

show opening:
friday, apr. 3rd, 2009

6-9 pm

brave new worlds comics
45 N 2nd st
philadelphia, pa 19106
(olde city, between market and arch)

optimus prime commission

transform and roll out! this is a commission i just finished
for my buddy, kurt. the guy keeps me addition to
optimus prime, green lantern corps, punisher, and iron man
pieces i've done for him, he's also requested the silverhawks
(almost finished) and a huge, door-size voltron piece!

nobody the idiot pinup

fellow deviantART'er hartter asked me to come up with a pinup for his forthcoming nobody the idiot book. this is the result.

why burt reynolds? beats me.