predator sketch

the original predator is one of the coolest monster designs of all time. it was one of those characters (along with robocop, aliens and terminator) that i drew over and over and over in high school.

fast forward 20 years, and i'm still drawing him.

above is a bust-style pencil sketch that i just finished. i'll eventually work him up in illustrator, but don't hold your breath... man, that guy has a ton of crap on him. no wonder i haven't drawn him in a while.

snake eyes

the original badass mute commando ninja.

actually, the only badass mute commando ninja.
but he'd still be the coolest, even if there were like a million of 'em.

storm shadow

i've had this guy and snake eyes (coming soon) on the back burner for
a while...with the 25th anniversary line of toys in stores, gi joe just
happens to be my latest case of nostalgia now that the transformers
movie has come and gone.