masters of the universe poster

been so excited to debut this.

it's my entry for gallery 1988's annual "under the influence" show. in years past, they've done tribute shows to the beastie boys and stan lee, and this year they're doing a full-blown tribute to "he-man and the masters of the universe"!

i had a blast casting my dream "masters" movie. of course, all of the actors/actresses were my personal favorites from 80's movies, from tim curry as skeletor to kevin peter hall (of predator fame) as "beast man" to sigourney weaver as sorceress, all topped off by the only person big enough to play he-man...arnold schwarzenegger!

there are 100 artists in the show, each contributing their unique vision of the wonderfully rich fantasy world of eternia. put simply, it's going to rock.

the poster is 20"x10", will be a limited edition run of 83 (get it? the show debuted in 1983!) and will be available at the opening and online or by phone after the opening.

show opening
friday, january 8th
7-10 pm

gallery 1988
7020 melrose avenue
los angeles, CA 90038
ph: 323.937.7088
hrs: tues-sun 11am-6pm

tusken raider commission

i've had this commission on my waiting list for a few months now
and was really looking forward to working on it. there aren't too many
characters from the star wars universe that i can't get jazzed about
drawing. as crazy as it sounds, i'd even enjoy working on a jar jar piece.

(sound of crickets.)


at any rate, i thoroughly enjoyed working on this, especially because
i'd never drawn him before. hope it shows.

kaiju family

i created this as a gift to my son for his first birthday earlier this year.

that's me as godzilla, my wife as king (queen?) ghidrah, dasch as minya and our cats (hank and vince) as mothra and rodan.

a framed version hangs above his changing table and serves as a sweet target for the jackie-chan-style kicks he delivers while getting changed.