raiders of the lost ark poster

i haven't seen this movie in ages. i remember my aunt took me to
the theater to see it when i was a little kid. the face-melting
ark of the covenant really knocked me for a loop.

anyway, i recently finished this commission. didn't know exactly
where it was going when i began, but i like where it wound up.
any time i can incorporate typography into my designs, i'm a
happy camper.

the shining commission 2

this is another shining commission that i recently completed. whereas the first one i did featured the infamous axe scene, this one recalls that weird ass sequence where danny and his big wheel come upon two of the creepiest kids (outside of johnathan lipnicki) ever committed to celluloid.

invisible man poster

here's my submission for the philadelphia cartoonist society's upcoming "creature double feature" show at brave new worlds comics in olde city, philadelphia. the opening is friday, november 6th and it'll feature a host of ghouls, goblins, monsters, mayhem, freaks and geeks...basically anything that says "creature." i chose to continue my series of universal monsters, this time tackling the classic "invisible man".

show opening:
friday, november 6th, 2009

6-9 pm

brave new worlds comics
45 N 2nd st
philadelphia, pa 19106
(olde city, between market and arch)