green lantern corps commission

here's a commish (ain't i fancy) of the GL corps that i just wrapped up...
it was really a blast to work on. i've drawn most of the main characters
at one time or another, but it was fun to finally have a good reason to
draw tomar re, abin sur and alan scott.

don't panik commission

this guy found me on deviantart and hired me to create a
postcard for his writing/directing/producing business, don't panik!

the dark knight: LOAD magazine

i recently finished this dark knight cover for issue 13 of LOAD magazine,
a cool music/film/art/games mag out of the UK...they're also going to
run a little "making of the cover" feature showing some of my sketches
and process as well as a gallery of some of my poster work.

it's totally free and you can download it right to your computer...
check it out!

cinema suicide film series logo

this is a logo i did for the guys over at cinema suicide.

the film series is going to be a 5-night event this summer
in new hampshire. it's going to feature a little action,
some exploitation and a ton of horror.

wish i lived closer.