silverhawks commission

wings of silver, nerves of steel... silverhawks!
partly metal, partly real... silverhawks!
soaring through the highway of the heavens in their flight,
silverhawks, a rainbow in the night!

re: "partly metal, partly real"...what? metal's not real?

unlike transformers, gi joe, thundercats and masters of the universe,
this was one of those 80's cartoons (along with bravestarr) that was
not part of my regular television diet as a kid. not that i didn't like
it, it was just slightly off of my radar somehow. still, i cannot deny
the awesomeness of those character designs...or that theme song.

black wolf society pinup

i just finished hammering this pinup out for j.s. lewis, the writer of the
grey griffins series of books.

the creature is a black wolf society member, one of the characters
from his new line of books. they're a group of evil, gas mask wearin'
commandos that turn into werewolves. pretty nifty, huh?

at any rate, the image will run in a sketchbook that will debut at san
diego comicon. it will includes an array of j.s.'s characters from different
stories, illustrated by a wide variety of artists. the book is called
"the mysterious journal of j.s. lewis" and it'll be available here
right after comicon.

black wolf society © j.s. lewis