predator 2 commission

i remember checking out predator 2 in the theater with my cousins
over thanksgiving 1990...the original is my favorite movie of all
time and while this one doesn't have all of the elements that make
the first a classic (sci-fi/military genre mash-up, cool team dynamic,
and of course, arnold), i left the theater thinking it was pretty damn
cool....after all, they managed to add to the mythos by showing a ton
of new weapons, the insides of a ship, a complete predator hunting clan,
and best of all, that alien skull in the trophy room! and let's not forget
they managed to get morton downey, jr., bill paxton AND gary busey in
one movie. equally impressive!

ay any rate, my cousins didn't enjoy it as much as i did
(and still do)...they thought it was lame because they thought
the predator looked too much like the one from the first movie.

to each his own.

mirror kisses flyer

the guy i did the dark knight cover for commissioned me to
design and illustrate this flyer for a club event that he's
organized in london. if anyone's going to be in the 'hood on
december 11th, check it out and report back to me!