voltron commission

the guy that i created the green lantern corps, silverhawks,
iron man corps and optimus prime commissions for (among others)
asked me to cook up my biggest most detailed piece ever for him.
the subject matter?: voltron. measuring a whopping 28" x 56", and
taking the better part of 6 weeks to complete, i think this fit the bill.

it was a happy day when the final mounted and laminated print arrived
safely at his house. cheers, UPS!

robot earth 3009 poster

vectortuts.com's editor contacted me once again (see my first project for the site, the samurai werewolf, here) and asked me to write a tutorial that featured some form of illustrated typography. not being able to steer away from my sci-fi/robot/nostalgia/movie poster infatuation, this is what i came up with.

if you're a member of the site, you can check out the full tutorial, which just went live today. if you're not a member, you can still check out a few teaser images here. and while you're visiting, feel free to poke around vectortut's free content and check out some amazing illustrated goodness from around the world!

halloween addict logo

crammed with just about every spooky icon imaginable, here's the new face of halloweenaddict.com!

i had a blast working on this...it most definitely got me in the halloween spirit early. and now...off to start my annual horror movie-thon!