empire poster

well, here's the completed empire strikes back poster... and before anyone says "yeah, cool, but you forgot ________", i'm tellin' ya that it was a tough task choosing which characters to include... it's already a bit more packed than the new hope poster, and that's without all of the images i would have liked to incorporate: an imperial probe droid, all of the bounty hunters, slave 1, the space slug, bacta tank, the wampa, c3-p0 on chewie's back, rebel ion cannons... the list goes on and on... anyway, if you like, you can click the above image for a better look.

almost finished it is

i hope to have the empire strikes back piece finished and posted by thanksgiving.
here's a teaser of what the finished yoda head will look like...

a sketch this is

i'm just starting to work on my empire strikes back poster...it'll follow the same format of the star wars poster i did earlier this year (see full image under "posters")...the main character in the background will be yoda and he'll be based off of this sketch.