dawn of the dead poster

...and here's the finished poster that evolved from the sketch below.

dawn of the dead sketch

with 2008 being the 30th anniversary of the original "dawn of the dead",
and the pittsburgh comicon (held across the street from the monroeville mall,
site of the infamous film) coming up in just about a month, i figured it was
time to try my hand at a "dawn" poster redesign.

the sketch is above...finished poster to follow shortly.

bride of frankenstein

remember when movie posters were actually pieces of art and not just
generic photoshopped collages comprised of movie stars' faces?

yeah, me too.

if you're feeling nostalgic for those days, check out one of my all-time
favorite artists, drew struzan. from star wars to hellboy, back to the future
to harry potter, he's pretty much the master of the painted movie poster.
thankfully, this guy still works and produces amazing pieces. look out
for his poster to the new indiana jones movie in theaters this summer.

i also find posters and lobby card art from old horror movies to
be beautiful, inspiring examples of typography and design.
above is another one of the classic universal monster posters
that i've adapted in my style.

green lantern commission

i recently finished this commission for a guy who i met at wizard world philly 4 years ago.
he e-mailed me a few weeks back with a clear idea of what he wanted and this is the result.

his next request:
a punisher pinup.
should be fun.