i've been framed...

well, actually, all of the pieces for the upcoming a-x-d show are finished, printed and framed...i'll drop 'em off at the gallery tomorrow, kick back and wait for the opening. whew.

complete show info:
monsters from under the bed

fun in the...moonlight?

i'm off to enjoy a week at the jersey shore...see ya suckers!

“as you command, mighty megatron.”

shockwave transformed into a gigantic laser cannon.
megatron transformed into a handgun.
shockwave took orders from megatron.


3D...no glasses required!

this is a timberclown.
he's made of wood.

calling the science patrol!

another print for the upcoming show...this one was inspired by the cool, graphic opening sequence of the one of the greatest tv shows ever...ultraman!

giant monsters on parade

this a part of a poster series i'll be showing at a-x-d gallery in center city, philadelphia. the show's called "monsters from under the bed", and it opens on friday, september 7th.

click here for all of the details:
monsters from under the bed

kyra sedgwick poster

awwwwwww, come on! don't give me any slack for that one! i know you think she's crazy scary looking, too. you just don't have the journalistic integrity to post it on a blog that no one views.

wally? barry? bart?

so who's your favorite flash?

(sound of crickets)

yeah, i don't really care who's under the mask, either. i just like the spiffy outfit.