global knowledge: romance

here's the second in my series of five promotional posters for global knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training.

changing things up a bit from the sci-fi themed poster that kicked off the series,
this one instead recalls a globetrotting romance from the 1950's.

when i initially received the list of five posters to illustrate,
this concept was the one that i had the least passion for. as it turns out,
the final product is one of my favorites.

next up: the horror poster!

© 2010 Global Knowledge

scientific american: crowdsourcing

here's an illustration that i created for the current issue (october 2010) of scientific american.

the feature article discusses web services such as chacha, and aardvark that "crowdsource", or deliver targeted answers to your questions by passing them on to a sea of strangers.

as is usually the case, it was a trill to find the issue on stands. this one was especially sweet, however, as i found the issue in the notre dame campus bookstore while on my annual football pilgrimage. cheer, cheer.

global knowledge: sci-fi

this is the first in a series of five promotional posters for global knowledge
the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training.

global knowledge's creative director/brand manager came across some of
my online poster art last year and remembered me when this project came up.

each poster in the series is rendered in a different retro movie style and
highlights a specific strength of the training curriculum. this was the first
poster that i illustrated and is meant to recall a 1960's sci-fi flick.

the posters have just been printed and are currently hanging in global
knowledge's training centers nationwide. i had an absolute blast designing
these and i'm thrilled that a.) they're well received and b.) i can finally
post them on my sites!

stay tuned to my page for the next one in the series...

© 2010 Global Knowledge

return of the dapper men pinup

i had the pleasure of being invited to contribute a pinup for jim mccann (hawkeye & mockingbird) and janet k. lee's upcoming original graphic novel, "return of the dapper men".

published by archaia press and set to be released this november, the hardcover "is a visually stunning fairy tale that combines steampunk with fantasy and science fiction with renaissance style." very cool stuff.

after agreeing to contribute the pinup, i was given a rather large folder of wordless comic pages to peruse and see what caught my eye. while all of janet’s character designs would have been fun to interpret, the clockwork angel called out the loudest. a blend of robot and human forms with victorian sensibilities (holding roman numerals—perfect design elements!), i couldn’t resist taking a stab at envisioning her in my style. i hope i did janet and jim proud!

check out the full press release featuring all of the amazing pinups here.

© 2010 jim mccann/janet k. lee

PC World: "e-readers"

i recently was contracted by PC World to create two spot illustrations for their october issue (on stands now!).

for the first one, i was asked to come up with a concept that visually conveyed the intense marketplace battle currently raging between all of the major e-readers. i chose to illustrate a fight poster, complete with a "main event" and an undercard. the image runs about 1/3 page.

it was a thrill to snag the issue off of the stands in the grocery store yesterday and see my work inside, but my two-year old was far less impressed. he was a tad too focused on a bambi book on a nearby children's rack to share in dad's moment. can't win 'em all.

© 2010 PC World Magazine

big bad wolf miniprint

here's the second in my series of literary-characters-turned-design-experiments: the big bad wolf (and red riding hood)!

as i mentioned in the post for my sherlock holmes print, i'll be sliding these in between other jobs to keep myself busy while having a bit of fun.

once the first four are completed, i'm going to release a print set. stay tuned.