WIRED "engaged" illustration

following the full page illustration that i created for the july 2010 issue of WIRED magazine, i was asked to contribute a spot for the august issue.

the illustration appears in the "release notes" section of the mag where behind the scenes stories are told about each issue.

my image accompanies a story about a WIRED contributing editor who visited the doctor complaining of back pain. the doctor asked the editor if he was engaged. the editor said "no" and asked why. the doctor replied by telling him that the most common trigger he sees in men complaining of back pain is the wedding process. the anecdote inspired the editor to research how stress causes physical discomfort, which led to him writing a feature titled "under pressure" in the issue.

WIRED "cockpits" illustration

i was recently asked to contribute a full page illustration to the july 2010 issue of WIRED magazine. the illustration opens a photo portfolio detailing the cockpits of some amazing vehicles ranging from a lockheed SR-71 blackbird to a personal submarine to monster truck "grave digger."

the issue is out on stands now. check out page 114 for the main illustration and pages 115-123 for the tiny icons that i also designed.

i have to say, it is such a charge to go into a bookstore, pick up the mag, page through it and see my work. a true dream come true.

© 2010 WIRED magazine

heavy metal poster

here's august's "first friday fright night" poster for "heavy metal",
showing at the colonial theatre.

the poster was revealed at the july 2 showing of "jaws".

this series has turned out to be great fun. can't wait to dig into the last four movies of the year. one of my all-time favorites is in there. stay tuned...