four horsemen poster

here's my contribution to gallery 1988's upcoming poster show, "the greatest moments in sports history". the event is co-hosted by the awesome OMG posters and features a killer lineup of artists/designers and printmakers paying homage to their favorite sports teams/stars/moments throughout ages.

when i was invited to participate, it didn't take me long to decide to illustrate my beloved notre dame's famous four horsemen backfield. the print itself is a bit of a big deal to me, as it's my first silkscreened poster. the poster is 18" x 24" and is limited to an edition of 40. you'll have to see it in person to appreciate the quality of the job, but take my word that D&L screenprinting literally knocked it outta the park. can't wait to work with them again.

show opening
thursday, march 4th
7-10 pm

gallery 1988
7020 melrose avenue
los angeles, CA 90038
ph: 323.937.7088
hrs: tues-sun 11am-6pm

adventure time travel poster

autumn-society-founder, swell-artist-dude, and all-around-good-guy joe game (aka chogrin) recently got a gig working on cartoon network's gleefully wacky new adventure time program.

being the go-getter that he is, joe immediately put out a call to fellow AS members that he'd love us to create tribute pieces in honor of the show's debut in april.

head on over to frederator studios' blog for a taste of some of the jaw-dropping art that has been submitted so far!

zombie poster

continuing my series of designs for the colonial theatre's "first friday fright nights" film series, i present to you my poster fulci's "zombie", showing march 5, 2010!

screened during the blizzard that pounded the east coast of the US last
friday night, the showing of "aliens" was surreal and amazing.
i debuted my first poster that night.

i'm already chomping at thr bit to show off next month's design (already finished!) for cronenberg's "the fly"! stay tuned!

rom tribute poster

floating world comics in portland, OR recently invited me to be a part
of their "spacenite 2" tribute show to bill mantlo, the writer of marvel's
ROM, spaceknight.

bill was seriously injured in a hit and run accident in 1992 and currently resides in a brain care rehab home. his brother cares for him and this show is a way to help provide some funding so that bill may enjoy somewhat of a quality of life.

the show will feature an amazing lineup of artists including mike allred, eric powell, and while portacio among many others. and the coolest part is that all of the art will be collected into a tribute book that will debut the night of the show and all proceeds will directkly benefit mr. mantlo.

needless to say, i'm honored to be a part of this inspiring event.

the show and book release are scheduled for may 6, 2010.
please check out the blog for more info.