Q: what the hell is superultramecha?

A: it's my first solo show, which will open on
friday, october 2nd at PRIMER microstudio!

PRIMER microstudio
15 byberry road
hatboro, pa 19040

more info to follow...

victor anomolous pinup

this is a pinup i recently finished for joshua jenkins, writer and
creator of plan B comics.

both of the figures in the illustration are victor anomolous, the has-been scientist protagonist of plan B's "the haunted life of victor anomolous", described as
"a coming of age story about a man at the end of his life." pretty nifty.

learn more about plan B here!

octodemon t-shirt

the octodemon is my first creation for an awesome new t-shirt website called riptapparel. they are going to be making this design available for purchase on friday, august 7th at 12:00 AM CST (check local listings) for the low, low price of $10 + shipping!

if you like the shirt, buy one for yourself (and one for your girlfriend, your friends, your friends' girlfriends, etc.)...but remember once it goes live, it's only available for 24 hours... and then it's gone don't wait!