herring on the nile

late in 2010, i was contacted by the UK's pan macmillan and asked to illustrate the jacket for "the herring on the nile", the latest in l. c. tyler's series of "elsie and ethelred" mystery novels.

i was given a fairly detailed description from my art director detailing the general theme and tone of the piece and then i was allowed to run free. the look evolved quite a bit from the initial sketch and i'm really pleased with where we ended up. i've even had the opportunity to re-work one of the covers for an earlier book in the series. more on that later.

"the herring on the nile" will be released july 1, 2011.

© 2011 Pan Macmillan

nicktoons: the mighty B

here's my rendition of "the mighty B", the next page in my nicktoons calendar.

this is another cartoon that i didn't know much about until i received the calendar assignment. from the few clips i watched while doing research, it's pretty swell.

© 2011 Nicktoons

paleyfest: glee poster

so, here's my limited edition glee poster, produced through gallery 1988 in honor of the 2011 paleyfest lineup.

this assignment was a bit out of my comfort zone, as glee doesn't regularly feature robots, aliens, axe-wielding maniacs, or 1980's saturday-morning action heroes. it does, however feature one of the best villains on television, sue sylvester, the acid-tongued, subtle-as-a-freight-train cheerleading coach who's obsessed with making show protagonist and glee club director will schuester's life a living hell. so that's what i chose to focus on for my poster.

it really was a breath of fresh air working on something a bit different and i'm thrilled to have been asked to participate in this project.

posters will be available at the glee paleyfest panel on march 17th and then will be available through gallery 1988 shortly thereafter. i'll also have a small run of artist proofs available if anyone's interested.

and yes, i watch the show regularly.

poster specs:
• 4 color screenprint on 100# cougar natural stock
• size: 18" x 24"
• limited edition of 250

event info:
• date: wed, mar 16
• where: paleyfest / saban theatre / LA, CA

nicktoons: speed racer

what's the next page in my nicktoons calendar? why, it's"speed racer: the next generation"!

i'm not that familiar with the new animated incarnation of speed, but how can you go wrong when asked to illustrate one of the coolest cars ever, the mach 5?!

er... i mean the mach 6.

anyway, i had a blast working on this one. i think it turned out as one of the best in the whole calendar.

© 2011 Nicktoons

mondo: paul

here's my latest limited edition print for mondotees, a poster for the upcoming simon pegg/nick frost sci-fi comedy, paul!

i'm pretty excited about this one, as it's officially licensed through universal studios and will debut at the US premiere of paul at the SXSW festival next week!

it was a challenging assignment in that i haven't seen the film yet and had to rely internet research to pull the look of the characters together. at any rate, nick frost tweeted me that he digs it, so i'm pretty stoked.

poster specs:
• 4 color screenprint on 100# cougar natural stock
• size: 18" x 24"
• limited edition of 225

sale info:
• date: sun, mar 13
• where: SXSW festival / paramount theatre / austin, TX
• any posters left over from the premiere will be available at mondotees.com

topps: stromtroopers

i just received the green light to show my base card for the upcoming star wars: galaxy 6 card set from topps. what makes this series of cards so damn cool (in my opinion) is the fact that topps commissions artists with insanely varied styles to illustrate their takes on all corners of the star wars universe.

i am a massive star wars fan, and topps cards were a huge part of my childhood ('87 wood-border baseball set, anyone?) so it goes without saying that my inclusion in this set is a big deal.

i was pretty much given free reign to tackle any character(s) in the star wars universe for this. resisting the urge to go the bounty hunter route, i instead chose to create a collage of original trilogy stromtrooper designs, complete with a badass AT-AT pilot.

© 2011 Topps