octodemon t-shirt

so, from june 24-june 28 2011, this t-shirt design will be offered for sale on nowhere bad. and it's just $12.

so what're you waiting for?

herring in the library

late last year, i partnered with pan macmillan to produce an illustrated cover for the herring on the nile, an entry in their series of "elsie and ethelred" line of mystery novels.

when one of the earlier books in the l. c. tyler-penned series, "the herring in the library", was going to be reprinted, they tapped me again to provide a new, matching cover illustration.

matching the same forced perspective of "nile", i adjusted the color palette slightly on this one while keeping it in the same family. i'm really pleased how both of these turned out. hoping i can continue the series in the future.

© 2011 Pan Macmillan

nicktoons: spongebob squarepants

here's another illustration that was left out of the final nicktoons calendar. as i mentioned before, this project took over a year to complete, and some of the first images created were eventually scrapped because the shows they represented were no longer on the airo or in heavy rotation on nicktoons.

at any rate, it was cool to take a propaganda slant on ol' spongebob.


© 2011 Nicktoons

nicktoons: wolverine and the x-men

with my enthusiasm for x-men: first class at an all-time high (i'm checking it out on tuesday, God willing), i figured it was time to post this illo of wolverine that i created for my nicktoons calendar project.

as a result of this project taking over a year to come to fruition, some images were created and then later scrapped because the shows were no longer on the air. sadly, this is one of those cases.

i'd only seen the pilot episode of this series, but it seemed to have generally good buzz.

and yes, i know that wolverine's not in x-men: first class... at least i don't think so...

© 2011 Nicktoons

nicktoons: voltron force

here's my rendition of the new voltron for my nicktoons calendar project.

the initial draft for this page featured the old school, blocky voltron with all of the lions shown. i was later furnished the more rounded, streamlined look that the new cartoon sports and asked to crop in and just feature the torso for a more aggressive propaganda feel. i decided to have the background colors reflect the lions that got cropped out.

it evolved quite a bit from the initial draft, but i kinda dig where it wound up.

now if only the new cartoon can capture the magic of the 80's voltron...

© 2011 Nicktoons