see, told ya it was coming.

captain cold

a guy that i met at wizard world philly got in touch with me recently. he'd like me to do a poster of the legion of doom. i already had drawn all of the characters that he wanted in the piece except captain cold and cheetah. here's captain cold... cheetah coming soon!


i've always loved lobo's "the last czarnian" story from the early 90's. i don't think anyone else's version of "the main man" has come close to simon bisley's rendition in that miniseries. his painted covers were ultra detailed and his pen and ink interiors were a glorious, scribble-riffic mess.


deadpool's one of those characters that i really didn't have a ton of love for until a guy asked me to do a sketch of him at wizard world philly. upon further analysis, i realized it's a great character design, so i decided to work him up in color.

black manta

i did a pencil sketch of black manta at wizard world philly for a guy and and he e-mailed it back to me asking if i could work it up in color. this is the final result.