the cool folks over at slashfilm have posted a mini gallery of my stuff and did a cool little writeup...head on over to check it out!

strongstuff on slashfilm!

photo monkey logo

finished this guy a little while ago and figured i'd post 'im while i was doing
some light housekeeping over in my logo gallery. he's the icon for a photo
management program that's being developed at the place where i work.

© 2008 Merion Publications, Inc.

"slasher night 2" poster

here's another of the faux movie posters that i created for cinema suicide,
which happens to be celebrating its one year birthday this week.
these should be printed and on sale in the near future.

wellness bugs

these guys are from a series of spot illustrations that i just finished for aetna.
they're a family of bugs that promotes exercise, nutrition and all-around
health and wellness. fun stuff to work on.

"titanic monster beast from planet zero" poster

this is the first in a new series of faux movie posters that i'm designing for
the guys over at cinema suicide. this one, obviously pays homage to
something very near and dear to my heart: giant japanese monster movies.

the posters will go into production later this year and will be available on their website. fellow blogger rich woodall is also cooking up some nifty designs
for this project.

more to follow...