nightmare before christmas commission

this was a commission i did for my buddy matt at algorithm.
i actually finished it way back in late may, but i couldn't post it for
fear that his wife would stumble across was a gift for her b-day.

avengers poster

getting all misty-eyed at the prospect of an avengers movie after watching
"iron man" and "the incredible hulk" over the summer, i decided to do an
homage to some of the classic members of the team.

i also wanted to try my hand at some aging/distressing techniques...
so i took a few of the awesome textures from spiritsighs-stock and
modified them 'till they worked for this piece.

shop open for business!

i've just opened up an online shop on!

head on over and check it out...and once you're done looking at my stuff,
take a look around...there are a ton of great artists on etsy, many with
really reasonable pricing!