honest abe poster

time for another philadelphia cartoonist
society art show!

this one'll be honoring that ol' log-cabin-livin', cherry-tree-choppin', five-dollar-bill-muggin', rootin'-tootin', prairie-lawyerin' son-of-a-gun, abe lincoln! the show will be held at brave new worlds comics in philadelphia.

show opening:
friday, feb. 6th

6-9 pm

brave new worlds comics
45 N 2nd st
philadelphia, pa 19106
(olde city, between market and arch)

warriors commission

"warriors...come out to pla-ay!"
(that line rules.)

anyhoo, a little while back, a guy contacted me and asked which of the following
i'd most like to illustrate as a custom commission: escape from new york, the big
lebowski, the warriors, american werewolf in london or blade runner.

talk about a no-lose proposition. blade runner and the warriors were my top two choices...he eventually settled on the warriors. i had a blast working on it.

attack of the drive-in movie poster

this past fall, i was given the chance to design and illustrate a poster for
a cool 3-D movie that's being developed by a guy named dax lafleur.

i was given the general concept and a description of the elements that needed to be included and was given pretty much free reign to come up with the design for the giant robot, alien and human characters...i went with a slightly more animated style (instead of my normal side profiles) and i like the way it turned out...hopefully i can use that look on future projects. at any rate, the client was great and this was really fun to work on.

"attack of the drive-in movie" and all associated characters, images,
text and concepts are © dax lafleur and wicked sarcastic productions