global knowledge: sci-fi

this is the first in a series of five promotional posters for global knowledge
the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training.

global knowledge's creative director/brand manager came across some of
my online poster art last year and remembered me when this project came up.

each poster in the series is rendered in a different retro movie style and
highlights a specific strength of the training curriculum. this was the first
poster that i illustrated and is meant to recall a 1960's sci-fi flick.

the posters have just been printed and are currently hanging in global
knowledge's training centers nationwide. i had an absolute blast designing
these and i'm thrilled that a.) they're well received and b.) i can finally
post them on my sites!

stay tuned to my page for the next one in the series...

© 2010 Global Knowledge


Blogger Eric Blair said...

This is incredible. I love the robot! Great work, man.

September 22, 2010 at 8:36 AM  

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