return of the dapper men pinup

i had the pleasure of being invited to contribute a pinup for jim mccann (hawkeye & mockingbird) and janet k. lee's upcoming original graphic novel, "return of the dapper men".

published by archaia press and set to be released this november, the hardcover "is a visually stunning fairy tale that combines steampunk with fantasy and science fiction with renaissance style." very cool stuff.

after agreeing to contribute the pinup, i was given a rather large folder of wordless comic pages to peruse and see what caught my eye. while all of janet’s character designs would have been fun to interpret, the clockwork angel called out the loudest. a blend of robot and human forms with victorian sensibilities (holding roman numerals—perfect design elements!), i couldn’t resist taking a stab at envisioning her in my style. i hope i did janet and jim proud!

check out the full press release featuring all of the amazing pinups here.

© 2010 jim mccann/janet k. lee


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