star trek: journey to babel

when mondotees contacted me to illustrate a poster for the journey to babel episode of star trek: the original series, i wanted to bring to it a vibrant, clean design sense that evoked the retro/future vision of the show. from the gallery of alien delegates to the hierarchy of mr. spock's family, the classic episode provided me an abundance of visuals to work with.

when i began this project, i had only seen a hand full of ST:TOS episodes, and most of those were when i was a kid. having watched a few to get me in the right frame of mind to design this poster, i can finally see why this franchise has so many rabid fans. it truly was an amazing, thought provoking, progressive show. i can't wait to go back and watch more episodes!

poster specs:
• 4 color screenprint on offwhite stock
• size: 18" x 24"
• limited edition of 260

sale info:
• date: fri, oct 22
• time: random (follow @MondoNews for a hint!)
• where: mondotees


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tom - fantastic poster! I'm a huge fan of Star Trek and your retro style. I got this one at Alamo and looking forward to receiving it! Mel (

October 23, 2010 at 7:59 PM  

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