trick 'r treat poster

up next in my first friday fright night series for the colonial theatre:
the amazing "trick 'r treat"!

this has quickly become one of my must-see-yearly halloween flicks. often described as the "pulp fiction of horror", the movie consists of four small vignettes that are elegantly intertwined, highly stylized and imminently satisfying. while i don't think the film ever specifically states when it takes place, it has a definite 1980's vibe...which i love. and that's where i drew the inspiration for this poster. i had to have one of those cheapo halloween costumes in-a-box every year. i'll always remember the garish colors of the godzilla one.

at any rate, it still blows my mind that this awesome little flick never found a proper theatrical release. relegated to DVD, it has nonetheless found a cult following and i couldn't have been more excited when i heard the colonial would be screening this...i'll finally get to see it on the big screen where it belongs!


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