gremlins commission

so here's the backstory on this one:

• i originally designed a gremlins poster for inclusion in gallery 1988's 3G show this past fall.

john louie, the actor who played the young boy whose grandfather refused to sell the mogwai at the beginning of gremlins, saw it and dug it.

• since the posters were sold out at the gallery, he contacted me asking if he could purchase one of my artist proofs, which i agreed to.

• john received said artist proof and subsequently got the idea to commission me to create a companion piece to the poster. he wanted it to feature him as a young boy, the mogwai, and his grandfather as well as references to his family (the chess pieces) and his chinese name (on the cabinet in front of the grandfather).

• i loved the idea and took the job.

• this is the result.

• the end.


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