orange: "social network mayor"

here's a full page illo created through john brown media for orange, a mobile network operator and internet service provider in the UK.

the image appears in the current issue of "together", orange's in-store magazine. the feature article discusses social networking games such as foursquare and gowalla where players "check in" with mobile devices at participating locations, collecting cool badges and passport stamps.

© 2010 Orange

gi joe covers: issues 26 + 27

it was always a thrill checking underneath the old blotter that sat in the last booth (secret drop off spot) of my grandmother's candy store. she'd generously set aside each and every issue of the books i loved as they were released. the treasures included issues of the official handbook of the marvel universe, transformers, and most importantly, gi joe. as a kid, i'd check under that blotter religiously when i walked into the store, always sure to find some piece of 4-color gold.

as much as i loved comics and toys and animation as a child, it was the comics that had toys that had an animated series that spoke (yelled) the loudest to me. and none of those properties was more exciting than gi joe. the basic concept of military superheroes who fought a "ruthless terrorist organization determined to rule the world" was too much for my adolescent brain to handle. the endless hours spent reading those comics, playing with those toys and watching those animated episodes (sometimes simultaneously) had a profound effect on my imagination.

so why the sappy backstory? to illustrate what an amazingly big deal it is to me that i had the opportunity to create two covers for IDW's current ongoing gi joe series.

through a bit of misfortune on the part of trevor hutchinson, (whose laptop was hijacked, preventing him from finishing the series of five interlocking covers that he had started) i received a call from IDW's carlos guzman (with a referral from trev...thanks!) asking me to complete the series of retailer incentive covers with illustrations for issues 26 (january 2011) and 27 (february 2011). it made the deal all that much sweeter that i was allowed to draw snake eyes, my all-time favoritest 'joe.

i'm so thankful for the opportunity to revisit something that meant (means) so much to me.

yo, joe!

© 2010 IDW Publishing

PC world: "multiple sign-in"

here's a small spot illustration that i created for PC World's october 2010 issue.

the column detailed how google is going to allow sign-in to multiple accounts with one password.

that is all.

© 2010 PC World magazine

global knowledge: spy

this is the fifth (and final) in my series of promotional posters for global knowledge, the worldwide leader in IT and business skills training.

i have to admit that when i was given the "scripts" explaining what the client wanted out of each of these posters, this is the one that had me the least fired up to work on. as such, i pushed it to the very end of the series. as is always the case, it's my favorite of the five and the poster that i'm the most proud of. go figure.

you can check out the rest of the series here:
• sci-fi poster
• romance poster
• horror poster
• adventure poster

© 2010 Global Knowledge

batman returns poster

...aaaaaaand here's the final first friday fright night poster of 2010, the one and only "batman returns"!

christopher walken in a wig. michelle pfeiffer resuscitated by a gang of cats. danny devito noshing on a raw fish. emperor penguins. with rockets. this movie is delightfully unhinged and is my favorite of the 80s/90s batman series.

the colonial theatre in phoenixville, PA has had an amazing FFFN lineup this year, and i've been lucky enough to do posters for most of the shows. i've taken a peek at next year's list of films and i'm elated; two of my top ten favorite movies of all time are on there.

can. not. wait. for. 2011.