kaiju pee wee

here's my entry for gallery 1988's "i know you art, but what am i?" pee wee herman themed show, which opens this friday, july 29th, at their venice location.

ok, confession time: i've never seen "pee wee's big adventure".


well, at least, not all of the way through. i have nothing against it, it's just one of those movies that wasn't on my radar (there are a lot more, but we won't get into that right now).

at any rate, one of the few factoids about this movie that i was very aware of is the fact that godzilla makes an impromptu (and illegal, according to his owner, toho) appearance in it... and that's all i needed to know when deciding what angle to play in my tribute.

if you're in LA, check out the show this friday. there are a ton of talented artists participating, including battery mates dave perillo and scott derby.

show opening
friday, july 29th, 2011
7-10 pm

poster info
size: 9"x24"
medium: 3-color screenprint, cougar off white 100# cover
edition: limited, 50

gallery 1988: venice
214 pier avenue
santa monica, CA 90405
ph: 424.238.5988
hrs: weds-sun 11am-6pm
e-mail: gallery1988@aol.com

on sale info
prints are now available here.


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