mondo: star trek: let that be your last battlefield

here's my second entry in mondo's series of limited edition star trek screenprints, "let that be your last battlefield".

the classic episode of star trek: the original series that the poster is based on seems tailor made for my style. it features two warring aliens, both with bilaterally split faces, one black on the left, white on the right, the other vice versa. no problem, right?

it was only after i had done a few rough layout sketches that i realized just how tricky illustrating these two aliens would be. showing them both in profile and facing each other would mean both aliens were showing the matching colored side of their faces to the viewer. not exactly visually exciting. showing them side by side and straight on would mean the like-colored side of their faces were very near to each other... again, not exactly conveying the diametrically opposing viewpoints that the aliens embrace so tightly.

after a handful of digital sketches, i was no closer to a viable solution and i shelved the project for a few weeks to work on other assignments.

returning to the project with a fresh set of eyes, my idea was to have the aliens face each other in a yin and yang configuration where, no matter how you view it, one is always upside down. this allowed for both colors of their faces to be seen, but more importantly, it illustrated their antagonistic views of each other. with a massively helpful phone call from mondo art director rob jones, all of the details were hammered out (portions of type upside down) and the flippable poster you see before you was born.

hang it with either face right reading, bele and lokai's conflict (and the fate) of their shared planet is captured here for all eternity.

poster specs:
• 4 color screenprint on offwhite stock
• size: 24" x 18"
• limited edition of 215

sale info:
• date: fri, jul 15
• time: random (follow @MondoNews for a hint!)
• where: mondo


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